10 Awesome Gifts for Man’s Best Friend

10 Awesome Gifts for Man?s Best Friend
10 Awesome Gifts for Man?s Best Friend


You spend so much time agonizing over what to buy your loved ones for the holidays that you often forget about the most important one on your list—your dog. Your dog will literally be happy with anything you get him, because dogs are always happy, and that’s reason enough to drop some cash on him, right? Forever grateful. Check out our picks for the very best gifts to buy Fido this year.


Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster ($25, Amazon): As much a gift for you as it is for your dog, this Tennis Ball Blaster will provide hours of fun and make you the envy of everyone at the dog park.


Ollie Dog Food Subscription (Starting at $42 for two weeks, My Ollie): If you think your dog should eat at least as well as you do, splurge on Ollie, a dog food subscription service that delivers specially crafted human-grade dog food to your door.


Fetch GoPro Dog Harness ($40, GoPro): Your dog is bound to capture cooler footage than you ever could on your GoPro, so why not put him to work with this harness made specifically to turn your dog into the next Scorsese?


PetCube Play ($199, PetCube): If you work long hours and miss your best buddy, the PetCube Play will not only allow you to check in on him remotely while you’re away, but it will also let you play with him via a laser game (not just for cats!) you control with your phone.


Casper Dog Mattress ($125, Casper): Whether you’re tired of your dog taking up all the space in your bed or you’re looking to replace the mangy cheap one you bought when you first brought him home from the shelter, the Casper Dog Mattress is a sure bet. Your dog is guaranteed to sleep more than he already does.


Bowser Beer ($24, Bowser Beer): Who doesn’t want to enjoy a beer with their best friend? Bowser Beer allows you to do that with your dog, this time for real (it’s made out of chicken stock, not alcohol, so only you’ll get drunk).


Martingale Collars ($35, Dog & Bone): It’s about time to upgrade your dog’s raggedy collar, and these Martingale Collars from Austin-based Dog & Bone are the perfect fix.


Dog Hoodie ($19, Fancy): Dog sweaters can be overly precious, and you roll your eyes HARD whenever your girlfriend tries to shove your dog into one, but this hoodie makes him look cool and chill while keeping him warm and toasty. Everyone’s happy.


Pup Expedition Kit ($80, Harry Barker): Filled with toys and treats, this Pup Expedition Kit is the ultimate fun pack for your dog for the holiday season and beyond.


FURminator ($40, PetSmart): Believe the hype. Anyone with a long-haired dog swears by the FURminator, which will keep your dog groomed and your house (sort of) hairless.

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