10 Gym Pieces That Make You Look Good

10 Gym Pieces That Make You Look Good
10 Gym Pieces That Make You Look Good



Have your cutoff sweats seen better days? What about that schmedium paint-stained college tee? Before you replace your rags with basic bro gym duds, consider these top-quality picks that’ll carry you through your next workout with supreme style. What better way to, you know, dictate how fit you get?


Outdoor Voices Two-Tone Flatiron Crew: Outdoor Voices’ American-made tees will be a staple in your gym bag. Natural technical yarns let your skin breathe while neutralizing stink-causing bacteria. Also, it comes in this cool colorblock combo. $65,


Athletic Propulsion Labs Techloom Pro: Do youself a favor and leave your old sneakers in your middle school gym locker. The TechLoom’s unibody upper provides an unparalleled fit for a long run and looks fly enough to pair with streetwear. $140,


Luluemon T.H.E. Shorts: Meet the socially acceptable version of workout cargo shorts. Zippered pockets and a media sleeve hold your goods so you don’t have to fuss with vests and belts and sleeves and whatever else they’re trying to sell you these days. They are also the perfect length—you know, somewhere between Richard Simmons’ Sweatin’ to the Oldies and NBA-length ankle-grazers. $64,


Filson Medium Dry Duffle: When it comes to gym bags, you just can’t beat the classic duffle. Filson’s version is lined with vinyl so that your radioactive post-gym gear doesn’t permeate into unwanted territory. It also has radio-frequency welded-seams. What does that even mean? Dunno, but it sounds awesome. $160,


Falke Cool Kick Invisible Socks: German-based sock connoisseurs Falke make the perfect socks. Sweat-wicking, temp-regulating and ridiculously soft—all while hiding discretely inside your kicks. We’ve come a long way since tube socks, gents. $24,


Newton Running Distance IV Trainer: If you’re looking to go the distance (with some shoes), look no further. While barefoot-style running isn’t for everyone, Newton Running’s trainers boast unrivaled response, and the neon design promotes serious swag. $155,


MyPakage Action Series Boxer Briefs: Action Series undies from MyPakage are specifically designed for cradling the goods in sticky situations. Editor tested and approved, these bad boys are snug, stretchy, and made for all types of sporty action. $45,


Ovadia+ Carbon Vapor Jogger Pant: If you are putting the sweat in sweatsuit, it’s time to move on to bigger and better things. Ovadia & Sons’ luxury athletic line offers super comfy joggers with a non-offensive silhouette. But really, if you’re still wearing swishy pants… there’s only so much we can do. $185,


RVN_ 3L Running Jacket: RVN_’s fully seam-sealed design creates an incredibly lightweight and water-resistant jacket to keep you dry on misty jaunts and gym commutes. Reverse and adjust almost every feature of the jacket to tailor your perfect fit. It’s like the Transformers of garments. $375,


Trigger Point Grid X Foam Roller: Stretching is so not a thing anymore. Trigger Point’s foam rollers do everything from work out the kinks to stretch out the hammies without risk of injury. The Grid X version is extra firm to get in those muscles nice and deep like. $50,

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