Father’s Day Star Talk

Father?s Day Star Talk
Father?s Day Star Talk

Celebs reveal dad-centric memories, lessons and more.


In honor of Father’s Day, a wide range of celebrities discuss their dads, revealing favorite memories, lessons learned, gifts given and their own feelings about fatherhood…

dean-norris“My dad passed away in 2008, during the second season of Breaking Bad. I have great memories of my dad and miss him all the time. My dad was a singer and I got to do what in many ways he would have loved to have done, and he got to see that so that was really rewarding for me. On Father’s Day we usually have a cookout, which is what I did with my dad as well.” —Dean Norris (Under the Dome), father of five 

matthew-perryI had a great memory with my dad  [actor John Bennett Perry] last night. He’s 74 and took a standup class six weeks ago, and did standup at The Improv for the first time, and he was hilarious. I don’t know what I’ll get him or if I’ll get him anything for Father’s Day but I’ll hang out with him. He lives in Ojai. His advice: ‘Always open with a joke—in any audition, just make sure you’re funny at the beginning.’ I’ve always followed that advice.” —Matthew Perry (The Odd Couple)

ll-cool-j“My dad passed, but my best memories of my dad and my grandfather, who raised me, are their kindness and strength. They taught me about believing in yourself, looking people in the eye, shaking their hand and meaning it, never allowing your head to get too big. My father and grandfather kept me humble. The best thing about fatherhood is feeling like you’re doing a good job. When your child repeats something to you that you told them like they’re informing you, you know you’ve done well.” —LL Cool J (NCIS L.A.) father of four

jane-lynch“My father was the kindest person I’ve ever met. And now that he’s been gone for 11 years I still don’t think I’ve met anyone as kind as he was. He had a huge heart. His advice? ‘Always buy a little more house than you can afford.’”—Jane Lynch (Hollywood Game Night, Angel From Hell this fall)

michael-weatherly“My dad is 83 and an original ‘Mad Man.’ He worked at Dancer Fitzgerald Sample from 1958 to 1960-something. When I was 26, I called him and said I’d lost my confidence in auditions and he told me the key thing is not to overreact when something goes away because the tide always comes back. I’ve gone through a divorce and different custody situations, and being an unemployed actor, so it really has stuck with me in a profound way. As a dad, I don’t think anything else gives me [the same] sense of completeness. I love my job and my wife and my life but there’s something about my kids that connects me to the human chain, the universe. Whatever immortality we get, we get through our kids. They are that moment. They’re about connecting and plugging in. I’m so proud of them. For me, Father’s Day is just one day, but always being there for them is what’s important. I haven’t decided what to give my dad, but his college roommate was Donald Rumsfeld. Sometimes I try to find an interesting Rumsfeldian thing.” —Michael Weatherly (NCIS), father of three

masi-okaI’ve never met my dad. My parents got divorced when I was one month old. My mom had a couple of male friends, but they’re out of my life now as well. I did miss it. It would have been nice to have had. My mom is my best friend but there were things I couldn’t talk to her about. And I wonder if I’m going to make a good father. I’m not married, but I’m scared of that. ‘What do I do?’ you know. It’s scary.” —Masi Oka (Hawaii Five-0, Heroes Reborn)

scott-bakula“My dad hasn’t been gone even a year yet. My memories are all good. He always said, ‘Don’t get into show business.’ We laughed a lot about it. The best advice he gave me was to never quit, keep trying and you’re only as good as your last impression. Fatherhood means everything to me. I can’t imagine not being a father. When my daughter was born 31 years ago, it changed my whole perspective on the business and my work and my priorities. It opened up a whole other part of me.” —Scott Bakula (NCIS: New Orleans), father of four

jake-mcdorman“I couldn’t possibly get my dad anything better than my sister gave him: his first grandchild, a girl named May Lady Johnson, born on Cinco de Mayo. I can’t top that, but maybe I’ll get him a good book.” —Jake McDorman (American Sniper, CBS’ Limitless this fall)

james-wolk“My dad is like my best friend so I don’t do anything special for Father’s Day. We just spent a father-son weekend in New Orleans, where we’re shooting. He owned a women’s shoe store, Sundance Shoes in West Bloomfield, Michigan, and worked six days a week for 35 years. He always told me, ‘Work hard. Don’t complain.’ I love the simplicity of that.” —James Wolk (Zoo)


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Dean Norris: Brownie Harris/CBS
Jane Lynch: Heather Wines/CBS
Michael Weatherly: Ron P. Jaffe
Masi Oka: Norman Shapiro/CBS
Scott Bakula: Skip Bolen/CBS
Jake McDorman: Jeff Neumann/CBS
James Wolk: Timothy Kuratek/CBS

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